Technical Talks 2018

  • 7th April 2018 at Amrita School of Engineering on “Energy Industry Transformation”
  • 14th March 2018 at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering on “Microgrids and Renewables”
  • 4th September 2018 at Global Academy of Technology on “HVDC Transmission”
  • 13th April 2018 at MSRIT on “Smart Grid and Micro Grid”
  • 22nd March 2018 at RVCE on “Earthing and Grounding”

Technical Talks 2017

Venue Topic Speaker Date
RVCE(academic) HVDC Transmission/ FACTS controllers/ Reactive power compensation Shri Babu Narayanan M.M, PRDC 28-Oct-17
MSRIT(academic) Emerging issue in power systems Protection Dr Manohar Singh 14 Sept. 2017
BMS College Technological Review on Electrical Generators for Renewable Energy Applications Dr Sandeep, KTU June(2th week)
PRDC(industry) SCADA Security in Smart Grid and Relevance of Communication Technologies in Smart Grid Dr/Mr Ganga Prasad,C-DAC 23-Jun-17
REVA University(academic) Energy Storage devices Dr Kuldeep Rana, CRPI July(2 nd week)
CPRI(industry) Transformer Testing, Testing & Certification and on Standards/Importance of Standards Mr Ravinder Desai 11/8/2017
Global Ins of Tech(academic) Artifical neural networks application in Power Engineering Mrs.Kusumika Krori Dutta 22-09-2017
GE(industry) DC grid, Internet of Energy, Storage technologies, Microgrid Dr Priya Ranjan Mishra Sept. (2nd week)
Bagalkot , BEC Renewables Dr. Rajashekar P. Mandi Nov.(4th week)
Amrita University Dr Pramila Manohar Dr Pramila Manohar Dec.(2 nd week)