IEEE PES supported panel discussion at Inter Solar Exhibition on 29th Nov Friday 2019

We had following personals invited for the panel discussion Moderated by Mr Anand, Head – System Technology at ZIV Automation India Pvt Ltd :

  1. Mr Xavier Scaria PG Manager Solar Invertor at ABB.
  2. Mr Kiran – Head Power systems division at Mytrah Energy India Pvt Ltd.
  3. Mr Swaminathan Ganeshan – R&D of String Invertors at Schneider Electric.
  4. Mr Madhu – Director Operation at Sandur Laminates Ltd.

Topic chosen was ROLE OF POWER ELECTRINICS IN SOLAR POEER GENERATION SYSTEM covering various standards applicable for Solar generation, be it for Panels, Civil part, Structures, DC & AC side of Solar generation. The panel discussion also extended to the challenges, changes & modifications that needs to be considered for grid management & protection system with addition of solar generated power to the grid. Practices that are followed in different parts of the world for Solar power quality & method to mitigate harmonics as well as techniques to pump quality power to the grid was contemplated. The panel also stressed the need of better quality of solar panels which contributes to better power quality output for was also touched upon.

Mr Xavier who was had extensive professional experience in Solar Invertor & Mr Swaminathan who had professional experience both on power system protection as well as Solar Invertor R&D extensively debated on the role of invertors in solar generation. Along with Mr Kiran with his experience working with transmission utility KPTCL in the past before serving corporates like Enercon & Mytrah has also been promotor of a company which has developed power simulation software for power engineers & Mr Madhu Director Operation of Sandur Laminates Ltd deliberated on the what the solar generation industry needs to introspect in terms of adhering to standards & practices to improve the system from specification to all along the execution. Various aspects required for better grid management considering availability of power is much less than the installed capacity of solar generation was touched in the discussion. Need for roof top which has much better economic benefits compared to huge solar generation MW parks that are coming up was deliberated.     

One & half hour of panel discussion was concluded by Mr Anand on the points touched upon in the discussion & thanks the panellist as well as the organisers on behalf of IEEE PES Bangalore chapter for making time for the panel discussion. Organisers were gracious to present a plague as a participation memento to everyone on the dais. Even though one & half hour was short to cover many points on the subject moderator along with panellist yet made the discussion interesting.