Workshop On Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics for Smart Cities – Micro-Grid, Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicles

The smart city is seen as an enabler to enhance livability, workability and sustainability through the use of information and communication technology (ICT) with the Union Government launching Smart City Mission, with the intention of developing 100 cities as Smart Cities. The critical success factor in the Smart City initiative is on the smart energy infrastructure which includes Power Delivery Systems, growth of the demand and enabling infrastructure for Electric Vehicles, improving the reliability and quality of supply with Micro-Grid development, integrating distributed generation (in particular solar and waste to energy power plants) and overall designing of the system with aesthetic outlook. The basic tenet of smart cities infrastructure is on Collecting, Communicating and Crunching (3C’s). The smart city collects information about itself through sensors, other devices and existing systems. It communicates that data using wired or wireless network for crunching (analyzing) the data to understand what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen next which would make the infrastructure smart.

Considering the above, IEEE power and Energy Society, Bangalore Chapter is organizing a TWO day workshop on “Energy Analytics for Smart Cities – Micro Grid, Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicle’s”. The main focus of this workshop is to disseminate various issues to improve the energy infrastructure for the smart cities and promote research in Energy related analytics for disseminating information obtained through various measuring instruments, sensors and other allied information from smart cities domain. The improvement in energy infrastructure and greening of smart cities would be possible only with a shared understanding among all the stakeholders in the industry which will enable devising the energy analytics, technical guidelines, business strategies, rates and incentives considering the full range of costs and benefits. The workshop is organized with invited talk and brainstorming session from all the stakeholders’ viz., Regulators, policy makers, CEA, utilities, urban planners, infrastructure developers, distribution generation developers and investors, solar panel manufacturers, developers and investors, meter manufacturers, EV’s along with academicians and practicing consultants in this area.  The workshop proceeding would be shared among all the stakeholders including policy makers for fruitful action.

Your active participation in this workshop through nomination will enable IEEE and power industries in enabling understanding and propose possible solutions for critical energy infrastructure in Smart Cities and make the workshop a success. 

venue : IISc Bangalore

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Workshop Programme Schedule

23rd  September, 2016

08:30 hrs-09:30 hrs.:   Registration
09:30 hrs-10:15 hrs.:   Inauguration
9.30 to 9.35 hrs.  :  Welcome address by Chair
9.35 to 9.40 hrs.  : Lighting the Lamp
9.40 to 9.50 hrs.  : Address by Chief Guest Mr.Sumanth D(T) KPTCL
9.50 to 10.00 hrs. : Address by Guest of Honour by Dr.Sukla Chandra GM, GE Global
10.00 to 10. 10 hrs. : Outstanding Service Award Ceremony
10.10 to 10. 20 hrs. : Outstanding Engineer Award Ceremony
10.20 to 10.25 hrs.: Vote of Thanks
10.30 to 11.45 hrs. : Key Note Address by Dr.Giandomenico TestiABB

High Tea: 11:45 12:00 hrs.

Session 1: 12:00 1:30 hrs.

Session 1 : Role of Smart Grid in Smart cities

Moderator : Dr. Balaraman K  – PRDC

Speaker 1 Mr. Akshay Ahuja, Indian Smart grid
Speaker 2 Mr. Babunarayan, Addl. Director (Retd.) CPRI
Speaker 3 Dr. Jagabondhu Hazra,  IBM

Lunch Break: 13:30 14:15 hrs.

Session 2: 14:15 15:45 hrs.

Session 2 : Communication system and IT for energy systems in Smart Cities

Moderator : Dr. GurunathGurrala – IISC

Speaker 1 Mr. Mehmood, SRTS 2,  Power Grid
Speaker 2 Ms. Anitha Varghese,  ABB
Speaker 3 Mr. Ganga Prasad,  C-DAC

Coffee/Tea Break: 15:45 16:00 hrs.

Session 3: 16:00 17:30 hrs.

Session 3 : IoT and Advanced Energy Production and Distribution Technology

Moderator :  Mr. Suresh V – SRLDC

Speaker 1 Mr. Balaji Gokulan Parasumanna, Bosch
Speaker 2 Mr. DeepaknathTandur,  ABB
Speaker 3 Dr. Yogesh Simhan , IISc

24th  September, 2016

Session 1: 9:30 11:15 hrs.

Session 4 : EV infrastructure for Smart Cities

Moderator : Mr. Sethuraman Ganeshan,  ABB.

Speaker 1 Mr.Sanjay Krishnan,  LITHIUM
Speaker 2 Dr.Allabaksh Naikodi, Mahindra
Speaker 3 Mr. Arvind Ramanujam, TCS

Coffee/Tea Break: 11:15 11:30 hrs.

Session 2: 11.30 hrs.to13.30 hrs.

Session 5 : Role of Distributed Generation, Micro-Grid and storage in shaping                                            smart cities

Moderator : Dr. Kannan Tinnium,  GE

Speaker 1 Dr. Uday Mhaskar, Schneider Electric
Speaker 2 Mr. AmitRane, Wudmin Energy,
Speaker 3 Mr.Narayan Raja Gopal, TCS
Lunch Break: 13:30 14:15 hrs.
Session 3: 14.15 hrs.to15.45 hrs.

Session 3 : Big Data Analytics for Energy Sector in Smart Cities

Moderator : Mr. Deepak Krishnan – WRI

Speaker 1 Dr. Rajesh Sundaresan,IISc
Speaker 2 Dr. Vinay Jammu, GE
Speaker 3 Mr.Umashakar, ITC infotech
High Tea Break: 15:45 16:00 hrs.

Interactive Session  & Valedictory Function : 16:00 17:15 hrs.





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