Secure communication in SCADA for Electrical Grid-Technical talk

Date & Time:23 June 2017,@ 3.00PM Venue: PRDC,Bangalore

Secure communication in SCADA for Electrical Grid

Speaker : Ganga Prasad GL,CDAC Bangalore

Data acquisition and their communication between the devices in the electrical grid and the ICT network associated with it. This is true right from the days where the communication was dominated by PLCC and leased line communication to the most advanced communication network in the Smart Grid. The intervention of the internet and the business process with it has made it more important.

The security requirements are little different in the requirements of ICS and SCADA network that that with the usual IT infrastructure. Even though the security aspects in the general IT had developed so much the same in the ICS domain is yet to mature (or even enter into it) by itself.

I am dwelling some history of the above and the need for security features and the associated differences between the general IT and ICT for ICS systems in this talk.

Coordinator of the Technical Talk

Chandrasekhar Reddy Atla, Manager, Power System Studies, PRDC, Bangalore emailid: