PES Student Chapters

PES Support of Student Activities 

  • Scholarship Opportunities
    • IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative – available for undergraduate students in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Italy & India – annual deadline – 30 June
    • IEEE PES Erich Gunther Future Power Innovator – A scholarship for a full time student attending a U.S. university or college that offers courses in power engineering.  Individuals must be in their final two years of receiving their Bachelor’s degree or working towards achieving their Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Annual deadline – 30 June
    • IEEE PES G. Ray Ekenstam Memorial Scholarship – recognizes an undergraduate student who is an honorably discharged US Veteran seeking an electrical engineering degree in the field of power or a related discipline. Application process conducted in conjunction with IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative –  Annual deadline – 30 June
  • Support at IEEE PES Conferences